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“They were so helpful and went above and beyond after our accident”

Paul, Kathy, and Valencia are the dream team!! They were so helpful and went above and beyond after our accident. We were beat up and in a lot of pain. We were under a lot of stress, and they handled all the headaches for us with the insurance companies, medical, and any and everything you could possibly think of. They made it easier for us to be able to take the time to heal without being under the pressure of having to deal with any insurance companies, medical bills, etc. They definitely deserve more than 5 stars and I highly recommend their office to anyone in need.
~ Jessica, R ~

Legal Services in Pittsburg, CA, by Law Offices of Rives & Rives

We understand the challenges you may face after a personal injury.

When faced with a personal injury, the road to recovery is often more than physical. It’s an emotional and psychological journey riddled with myriad feelings and conditions. At the Law Offices of Rives and Rives, we understand the depth of what you’re going through. As a leading personal injury law firm in Pittsburg, CA, we are committed to advocating for the rights of injury victims and obtaining fair compensation for their suffering. Our personal injury lawyer is dedicated to advocating for those who have suffered harm due to the negligence of others, providing personalized legal support and guidance.

After an accident, you may experience the following:

Shock and Disorientation

The initial disbelief and numbness from the suddenness of the accident, and frustration over the unfairness of the situation or the negligence of another.

Physical and Emotional Pain

Constant or recurring physical discomfort that can affect daily life, and concerns about re-injury, the safety of loved ones, or facing the person responsible.

Financial Stress and Anxiety

Worrying about the costs of treatments, loss of wages, or the ability to work, and concerns about the future, medical bills, or potential lasting implications of the injury.

After an injury, it’s easy to feel alone amidst a whirlwind of pain, bills, and questions. Wondering where to turn? The Law Offices of Rives and Rives is your neighborhood ally. We genuinely care and are dedicated to ensuring that those who hurt you are held accountable. Our personal injury attorney is committed to fighting for the rights of injury victims, seeking justice and fair compensation on their behalf.

Our Practice Areas

When life throws you a curveball because of another’s carelessness, we understand that what you need goes beyond legal help. It would be best to have someone who genuinely cares, stands beside you as a steadfast advocate, and is ready to battle tirelessly for your rights. If you’ve been injured in an accident, our experienced accident lawyer can help you navigate the legal process and fight for the compensation you deserve. We are here to offer skilled representation and extend our hand in support with genuine compassion and understanding. Our accident attorney is dedicated to representing individuals who have been injured due to the negligence of others, providing compassionate and skilled legal representation. You’re not alone in this—let us walk with you as your trusted guide through this challenging time.

Car Accidents

Car accidents happen, but suffering shouldn’t. Let us navigate the complexities of your case and drive your compensation claim forward.

Truck Accidents

When massive trucks cause devastating injuries, we’re here to ensure you get the maximum compensation you deserve for your pain.

Rideshare Accidents

Navigating the aftermath of a rideshare accident can be as chaotic as city traffic. We’re here to steer your claim to justice, ensuring a smooth path to recovery.

Pedestrian Accidents

We’re steadfast in our mission to help pedestrians struck by negligence. As your personal injury attorneys, let us clear the path to your rightful compensation.

Motorcycle Accidents

A motorcycle accident can be devastating and detour your life. We’re here to accelerate your journey to justice, compensation and recovery.

Wrongful Death

We understand this is a tough time for you. We’re here to passionately represent your loved one’s case and honor their memory with ethical representation.

Slip and Fall Accidents

A misstep can have lasting consequences. When you slip at a business or property, we stand firm in seeking the compensation you deserve, guiding you back to stability.

DUI Defense

A DUI arrest can shake your foundation. We are here to defend you, fiercely advocating for your rights and aiming for a resolution that restores your peace of mind.

DUI Expungments

Navigating the aftermath of a DUI can linger like a shadow. We’re here to cast a light on your path to a fresh start, vigorously pursuing expungement to clear your record.

Criminal Charges

When facing criminal charges, our criminal defense attorney in Pittsburg, CA, will work tirelessly to protect your rights and provide a strong defense in and out of court.

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Ronald Rives is recognized as a veteran trial lawyer who has achieved unexpected and successful results in thousands of personal injury, criminal defense and civil litigation cases. Ron has earned the prestigious AV rating, the highest rating given by Martindale Hubbell, the national and international directory of attorneys.

Paul Rives represents the young ambition that is propelling the Rives Law Firm into the next generation of law practice. He combines his knowledge of computer assisted litigation strategies with the experience offered by his father’s highly established practice to provide cutting edge and cost-effective legal representation for his clients. During his time as an associate at the Law Offices of Ronald Rives, Paul has won tough discovery battles, and his knowledge of recent case law has provided new legal theories to secure adequate compensation for his clients.

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