I tell all my clients during our first meeting that “if it’s not in the medical records, then it’s not happening.”  Personal injury cases are driven by medical treatment.  The medical records do a lot of the talking for us.  

Immediately after an accident, it’s common to not feel pain right away due to adrenaline. However, you might start feeling hurt later.  Insurance companies (and juries!) expect that when people get hurt, they go to the doctor.  Unreasonable delays in seeking in-person medical treatment with a doctor for your injuries can hurt your case.  

When you do first seek treatment, it’s important that you be as thorough and detailed as possible.  One strategy is to discuss your symptoms going from head-to-toe (rather than most painful to least painful).  This way, you don’t leave anything out and the doctors can order all necessary tests and accurately diagnose all injuries (not just the one or two more serious injuries).  Often times, your doctor will tell you to follow-up if your symptoms do not improve.  This is good advice, so follow-up and then continue with your treatment until your injuries resolve.

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